The Rum Runners

The Rum Runners are a Corporation founded by players AmAnBear (jacob) and Rum_Beard (Bear) during the early access stage of the game on 21/04/21. The corporation initially started as a small friend group with 4-5 players spread across Moria and Benten regions, but has since grown to be the 4th largest corporation operating in the current universe.

During Early Access

Corporation Projects

Malahat (RC-040b)

Malahat is a Rocky planet settled by The Rum Runners on 28/11/21 as part of a mission to rescue The Lost Rum Runner after his ship ‘The Malahat’ crashed on the surface of the planet. Malahat is now home to The Rum Runners corporation HQ, built there as a memorial to the crew who where lost in the crash.


The corp discord can be accessed here: