This page lists information on various topics that can neither be covered by the tutorial series nor other wiki pages.

Troubleshooting FAQ

The official FAQ can be found in this forum thread. They cover known bugs and common issues related to player accounts.

PRO license vs. FREE license

Some features of APEX are only (fully) accessible to PRO users. A PRO license can be acquired here.

Note that if you paid for a PRO license once, you will keep certain advantages forever as your license will go back to BASIC status instead of FREE.

You can find more information about what the licenses entail in the license section of the handbook.

APEX keyboard shortcuts

There are a few keyboard shortcuts for APEX:

  • Ctrl + Space opens up a new, empty buffer.
  • Escape closes the currently selected buffer.

APEX chat commands

The APEX chat has a number of special functions.

  • Linking companies: Preceding any company code with the dollar sign $ will make it clickable in the chat window and link to the company profile.
  • Linking licensees: Preceding any person’s name with the @ sign will make it clickable in the chat window and link to the licensee’s profile.
  • Linking commodity price information: Posting a commodity’s ticker together with a commodity exchange code (for example HE3.CI1) will display the current price information for that commodity.

About this page

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