Building costs

This page lists all the rules in place for building costs. If you would like to know how to set up buildings, have a look at the Base setup page.

General information

The basic building costs of each building can be looked up in your base’s BSC window (hit “CONSTRUCT” in your base overview):

Construct buffer

Clicking any of the buildings’ symbols will reveal their BUI window, which shows their Building costs:

Habitation building costs

However, this information only paints a part of the picture. It pertains to this particular base, which is located on a concrete planet. Costs for erecting structures on other planets may deviate based on the set of rules below.

Costs calculation

Every building needs a certain configuration of Construction Prefabs to be built. On top of that, Construction Materials and/or Construction Parts (“Additional resources” below) will be required once for every building depending on the environmental conditions at hand. The exact number of some additional resources depends on the Area cost of a building, which is indicated in its BUI window (see screenshot above).

Please note that all these additional costs also pertain to Planetary projects and Corporate projects.

Rocky Planets

Additional resource: Mineral Construction Granulate (MCG)
Amount: Area x 4

Gaseous planets

Additional resource: Aerostat Foundation (AEF)
Amount: Area / 3

Atmospheric pressure

Low pressure (< 0.25 atm)

Additional resource: Poly-Sulfite Sealant (SEA)
Amount: Area x 1

High pressure (> 2.0 atm)

Additional resource: Hardened Structural Elements (HSE)
Amount: 1 per building


Low gravity (< 0.25 g):

Additional resource: Magnetic Ground Cover (MGC)
Amount: 1 per building

High gravity (> 2.5 g):

Additional resource: High-Oxygen Breathable Liquid (BL)
Amount: 1 per building
Please note: This commodity is listed under Chemicals, not Construction Materials.


Low temperature (<-25° C):

Additional resource: InsuFoam (INS)
Amount: Area x 10

High temperature (> 75° C):

Additional resource: Thermal Shielding (TSH)
Amount: 1 per building


Farms and Orchards require a planet with fertile soil to be built.

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