What is the current status of the game?

Prosperous Universe is currently in Early Access. The goals of Early Access are to build a community early, integrate player feedback and help fund the game’s development until the full release.

What comes after Early Access?

The next big steps will be ultimately preparing the game for the full launch (TBA). The single game world will be reset multiple times during Early Access and finally become persistent upon full launch.

Is Prosperous Universe a free-2-play game?

The game can be played for free! However, licensees playing for free have to deal with a few restrictions on what their companies can do. Upgrading to PRO is possible at any time by selecting a subscription plan (starting at 8€). Support tier packages are also available that give players in-game perks and PrUn merchandise. This crowdfunding-like system allows early adopters to help fund development and get some great perks in return.

Why still make a browser-based game today?

We think that the browser is a very capable gaming platform, available on pretty much every computer and every system in the world. It’s the perfect match for the kind of play style we have in mind, allowing people to play from their office or while doing something else without having to download, install and run client software.

Can Prosperous Universe be played on mobile?

Yes, a mobile version of Prosperous Universe has been released. Just open the game’s URL on a mobile browser to access it.

Will the game be available on Steam / the Apple App Store / my favorite platform?

First and foremost, Prosperous Universe is a browser-based game. We have released it on Steam as well, supporting Windows and Linux at the moment, other platforms like Apple App Store are a low priority for us right now though.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately not. However, you can change your company name using COLIQ.

When will this universe be reset?

Currently, there are no set dates for when this universe will reset. The current universe started on February 23, 2021. The universe for First Access (previous universe) lasted approximately 2 years.

What’s the difference between PRO/BASIC/FREE?

You can find in-depth information here.

Is this game P2W (Pay-To-Win)?

No. While there are restrictions in place when you don’t have PRO or Basic, there are only cosmetic benefits to purchasing higher support tiers. For example, purchasing the universe support tier gains you no gameplay advantage of that of someone that simply purchases a month of PRO.

Are PRO subscriptions recurring?

No. There are no recurring payments.

How long does it take to be upgraded to PRO after I’ve made the payment?

Under normal circumstances, it should occur immediately. If even after a refresh the game does not reflect your PRO status, please contact a developer in discord or send an email to hello at prosperousuniverse dot com.

How do I get the supporter benefits such as colors & channel access?

You should receive in-game benefits immediately. For Discord colors & channel access, DM a Developer in discord or send an email to hello at prosperousuniverse dot com with your Discord name & id (usually of the format DiscordName#1234).

If the universe is already this old, am I going to be too far behind?

While you will be smaller than more mature companies initially, there is always an economic need for the products the starter packages lead to you producing.


I forgot which starter package I picked, how can I look it up?

The HELP command contains a section labeled “Building Recommendations” which displays your starter package.

How do I start over?

The COLIQ command.

  1. Click NEW BFR in the bottom-left corner of APEX.
  2. Type COLIQ into the newly spawned buffer and hit enter.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. Refresh the browser tab containing APEX.

How often can I COLIQ?

The cooldown timers for COLIQ are:

  • First: 0 days
  • Second: 3 days
  • Third: 21 days
  • Subsequent: 60 days

I’m going to be away from the game for some time. How are inactive accounts handled?

  • PRO accounts will not be removed at all
  • BASIC accounts will be notified after 120 days of inactivity and deleted 31 days afterwards
  • Accounts less than 7 days old will be notified after 3 days of inactivity and deleted 5 days afterwards
  • Accounts less than 14 days old will be notified after 14 days of inactivity and deleted 7 days afterwards
  • Accounts more than 14 days old will be notified after 31 days of inactivity and deleted 21 days afterwards

Logging in will reset the timers from above.

I accidentally deleted some tiles. Can I reset the default screen?

Not currently. That being said, you should become familiar with the APEX interface and modify it to fit your needs as any buffer can be made into a tile.

People are using many acronyms. How can I find out what they are talking about?

Open either a MAT (material) or BUI (building) buffer to the acronym.


Other acronyms:

Is there any way to trade wares privately?

Yes, PRO users can create custom contracts using the CONTD command and send them to other players. Closing contracts requires a PRO or BASIC license.

How do I coordinate with my friend?

The simplest way is to organize favorable LM (Local Market) ads. For example:

  • PlayerA exclusively produces H2O (water).
  • PlayerB exclusively runs FPs (Food Processors) solely producing DW (Drinking Water).
  • PlayerB purchases H2O from PlayerA and produces DW to sell on the CX.

How do I find how much money I have?

  • The FINLA command
  • Enable SDBR top-left to show your cash balances on the right side

Why can’t I use the LM (Local Market), FX (Currency Exchange), or run for governor?

A PRO license is required.

Why does the game say I’m not allowed to vote for a candidate?

You need to be a resident of the planet for 48 hours before you can cast a vote.

Where can I find a corporation to join?

I have a planet name. How can I find out where it is?

The PLI command by itself (without any arguments). Once done, you can type in the name of the planet.

What planet should I start on? What is a good starter package right now?

As with most things in this game, it depends. There is not a single correct answer. Many in the community are willing to share their opinions on the matter, however, so don’t hesitate to ask in-game, on the official discord, or on the forums.

What is “pirating”?

Pirating is when a player places or picks up an ad and intentionally does not hold up their end of the contract. This takes the following forms:

  • For buy/sell ads:
    • The company paying doesn’t fulfill their end of the contract (paying)
    • The company putting forth material goods doesn’t fulfill their end of the contract
  • For shipping ads:
    • The company requesting the shipping being done doesn’t pay
    • The company doing the shipping fails to deliver, leading to the contents of the shipment being unpacked into their inventory

Failing to fulfill a contract negatively impacts your reliability rating in game.

I’ve had a building that should have made an expert by now. Why have I not gotten it?

There a few things to note when it comes to experts:

  • Expert-days are only accumulated at the end of a production order
  • Expert-days assume 100% order efficiency
  • Expert-days reset after each expert. In total, it takes 21.5 days to go from 0 to 2 experts.

What does building degradation mean and what are its effects?

Over time, buildings degrade and in turn, production line efficiency for that building goes down.

When do I have to repair my buildings?

As with many things in this game, it depends. Many in the community suggest repairing at around 90 days.

How does fertility affect my buildings?

  • Fertility allows the construction of FRMs (Farms) and ORCs (Orchards)
  • Fertility has a maximum impact of roughly -33% to +33%

Is X fertility good?

As with most things in Prosperous Universe, it depends on the scenario in question. It’s worth noting that since fertility has a maximum range of roughly -33% to +33%, fertility isn’t quite as impactful as H2O (water) concentration.

How does the FX (Currency Exchange) work?

Read the FX Tutorial

I tried delivering a shipment but it says “Fulfillment Attempted.” What do I do?

This message means that the user in question does not have sufficient storage space (weight or volume) to store the shipment. Contact the user to let them know.

What happens when you don’t pay your warehouse fee?

Your warehouse is locked and you cannot use it or access any materials contained within it. If you fail to pay for multiple weeks, you will need to pay each missing week before it unlocks.

Is there a notepad I can use in game?

Not specifically a notepad. However, you can make a new chat group just for yourself and type in there.

  • Click COM
  • Click NEW GROUP
  • Type “Notepad”
  • Click CREATE
  • Dock the buffer as a tile

Doing this has the added benefit of allowing you to type tickers in the chat and viewing the up-to-date price for those tickers.

Simply type the ticker. For example: RAT.IC1

How can I find a planet on the map?

  • Have MU NAV visible (click the MAP button)
  • Hover over a link to the planet to see the pulsating radial around the system

To find a link to a planet by name:

  • Click NEW BFR
  • Type PLI and hit enter
  • Type in the name of the planet and click it
  • Click the SYSI (System Information) button at the top of the newly created PLI buffer
  • Mouse over the planet link

How can I test how much fuel and how long it takes to get somewhere?

  • Click NEW BFR
  • Type BLU and hit enter
  • Click CREATE NEW
  • The standard blueprint preset is your starter ship
  • Click TEST next to the VIEW button
  • Click BTF button in the upper-right (Blueprint Flight Simulator)
  • Add a Origin, Destination, and modify settings as necessary.


Okay, my production lines will be working for the next 24 hours. Now what?

Prosperous Universe is intentionally a slow-paced, real-time game. In the meantime, however, you can:

  • Gain familiarity with the game and its production
  • Chat with others in-game, on the Official Discord, and UFO Discord
  • You can do some future planning (making spreadsheets)
  • You can do some market research and see if trading between CXs (Commodity Exchanges) would net you profit
  • You can look at Local Markets and the CX Shipping market to see if anything is worthwhile for you to do (requires Basic)

Why does my production line show as halted?

Possible causes:

  • There is no capacity (habitation buildings) for your workers
  • There are no consumables for your workers available in the base storage
  • There are no inputs available for the recipe
  • You do not have sufficient funds for production taxes
  • There are no workers of that tier available from the workforce reserve pool

How do I figure out what planets have the resource I’m looking for?

Use some of the great community tools:

My workforce says something like 180 (40). What does the number in brackets mean?

The number of workforce that were pulled from the workforce reserve pool.

How do I cancel an ad I placed on the LM (Local Market)?

Use the LMOS command to delete the ad.

I accidentally picked up a LM (Local Market) ad and I didn’t mean to do so. What should I do?

You should contact the player which placed the ad and let them know of the situation. If neither party fulfills any portion of the contract, the contract will be canceled with both parties being unaffected rating-wise.

What do the different color plots on a planet represent?

You can click on the plots yourself to inspect them.

  • Grey: Unused plot
  • Blue: Used plot
  • Yellow: Your plot
  • Red: Administration Center
  • Dark Red: Population Infrastructure
  • Green: Chamber of Global Commerce
  • Pink: Local Market

What happens if I run out of consumables for my workers?

Production halts. While production is halted, buildings continue to degrade, so it’s usually in your best interest to keep workforces fed.

Should I use luxury consumables such as PWO and COF?

As with many aspects of Prosperous Universe, it depends. You may need to check prices and determine if they are worthwhile. Assuming basic consumables are present:

  • PWO alone provides ~87% efficiency @ 0.2 used daily/100 pioneers
  • COF alone provides ~91% efficiency @ 0.5 used daily/100 pioneers

Generally, PWO tends to be always worthwhile while COF requires a deeper analysis.

What happens if my mixed workforce tier building only has one tier of worker?

The effect of available workforce on the production line efficiency is directly proportional to the number of workers present, it is not weighted by workforce tier.

For example, if you have a building that requires 20 settlers and 30 technicians but you have 20 settlers and 0 technicians, that production line will have a 20 / (20+30) (or 0.4 / 40%) efficiency multiplier from the workforce.

What happens if I run out of money?

  • Your production lines halt. While halted, buildings continue to degrade.
  • Warehouses will be locked if the fee is due and items will be unavailable.

How do I improve my company rating?

In order to not be Unrated (U), your account must be Basic or PRO.

In order to not be Pending (P):

  • Your company must be a few weeks old
  • You must fulfill some Local Market/Shipment ads

How is the company rating determined?

The rating considers the value of contracts you fulfilled versus the value of contracts you breached. High-value contracts are generally more impactful, but there is always a mix of the most valuable and the most recent contracts being considered, so that the company rating is as accurate a representation of a company’s reliability as possible.

I built a RIG but I can’t harvest H2O (water). Why?

Before building a RIG, EXT, or COL it is important to check the PLI (Planet Info) command for the planet to ensure the resource is present. Depending on planetary conditions (temperature, gravity, and pressure), resources can require different buildings to extract said resource.

  • Gaseous resources require a COL
  • Liquid resources require a RIG
  • Minerals & ores require a EXT

Do note that many resources can be in any of the three states and the building required to extract the material may vary.

How do recurring orders work?

Recurring orders is a PRO feature. When a recurring order moves from the pending queue to the active queue, the same order is re-added to the bottom of the pending queue. In this way, the recurring order system allows you to cycle through recipes repeatedly.

How many times can you upgrade the HQ level?

  • With a FREE/BASIC account, you can upgrade up to HQ level 5.
  • With a PRO account, you can upgrade an infinite amount of times. The costs of HQ upgrades does go up, however.

If your account degrades from PRO to Basic, you maintain your existing HQ level but cannot upgrade until you have PRO again.

Is there a way to know the costs of future HQ levels?

In-game, you can only see the next level’s costs. However, members of the community have tracked the HQ level costs.

What parts do I get from demolishing a building?

You will get a percentage of the parts depending on how long it has been since you last repaired. If you demolish the building within one hour of building it, you will receive all parts back. To view the parts you will receive:

  • Click BS
  • Click VIEW BASE
  • Find the building you are considering demolishing
  • Materials listed under Reclaimable materials are the parts you will get back

How can I calculate my workforce’s efficiency?

Workforce calculations sometimes change and aren’t directly exposed in the game. However, members of the community have calculated the efficiency formulas.

How do I repair my ship?

  • Click your ship’s transponder link or name link in the FLT tile/buffer.
  • Acquire the Repair costs materials and place them into a planet’s Base inventory.
  • Fly your ship to that planet
  • Click your ship’s transponder link or name link and click REPAIR

What do the numbers in parenthesis next to the planet plots means?

The (+###) is the number of “ghost plots” or the number of plots taken that is over the capacity of the planet. For your first base, you are permitted to start on any planet (including full planets). If the planet is at capacity, the number of ghost plots increases. This allows new players to be able to settle any initial planet without hindrance.

Do note that for any subsequent base, you are unable to settle planets that are capacity. If a regular plot player is reaped (due to inactivity), the first ghost plot takes its place.

What does it mean when a contract is “closed”?

The word close or closed has a legal meaning of “both parties agree to the contract and it is unchangeable.” Effectively, it means both parties accept the terms.

Why would I want to multiply orders?

When starting out, you generally never want to multiply orders. However, after some time, you will end up multiplying orders to:

  • Stagger production outputs
  • Maintain output ratios (a very common use-case is FRM outputs for RAT)
  • Reduce how frequently you need to interact with a production line

The major reason you don’t want to multiply orders in the early game is because expert accumulation is done at the completion of an order. So if you are 6 hours away from your next expert, but you queue up a 20x order which takes 48 hours, you won’t gain the benefit of the additional expert for that order.

Commodity Exchange

How do I get another currency?

  • Load up goods into a ship, fly to another CX, and sell the goods at the foreign CX for the currency
  • Use the FX (Foreign Exchange) to purchase another currency (requires PRO)
  • List a LM (Local Market) ad to sell materials for another currency (requires PRO)
  • Accept a Buy ad on a LM (Local Market) for another currency (requires Basic)
  • Fulfill a shipping contract for another currency (requires Basic)

How much fuel should I be using on my flights to the CX (Commodity Exchange)?

As with many aspects of Prosperous Universe, it depends on your scenario. Many in the community, however, suggest when starting that you:

  • Set Reactor Usage (FTL Drive) to minimum
  • Set Fuel Usage (STL Drive) to a few ticks above minimum and modify the slider until it makes sense
  • Ensure you are available (i.e. not asleep) when the ship lands

I bought something on the CX (Commodity Exchange) but I can’t find it. Where did it go?

  • Ensure you actually purchased it
    • Bring up a CXOB buffer to the material. Example: CXOB RAT.IC1
    • See if your company name is present in the Requests list. If so, you merely have a bid for goods and need to either:
      • Wait for somebody to be willing to sell at the your price
      • Take down your existing order using the CXOS command and place another one for the lowest asking price
  • If you rented a warehouse on the station, it will be in the warehouse storage
  • If you have a ship attached to the station, it will be in the ship storage
  • Otherwise, the CX will create a contract for you to pick it up. You can use the CONTS command or click SDBR in the upper-left to show pending contracts.

How/where do I pick up the goods I just bought?

You need to fly to the CX (Commodity Exchange) and retrieve the items.

I’m trying to sell something on the CX (Commodity Exchange), but it won’t let me select a storage location. What do I do?

The CX is a space station in a separate orbit from planets. You are required to transport goods to the station.

In order to sell items on the CX, you need to ensure that those items are available in a storage on the CX. Storage is defined as:

  • A ship attached to the station
  • A warehouse on the station

How do I cancel an order on the CX (Commodity Exchange)?

Use the CXOS command to delete the order.

How do you read the CX charts (CXPC)?

The CX charts (CXPC command) are Candlestick Charts. You can modify the timeframe in the upper-left and the transaction grouping timeframe in the upper-right. As you move your mouse over horizontally, values in the upper-left will change relative to where you are hovering:

  • O - Open price - The price at the start of the timeframe
  • H - High price - The highest price of the timeframe
  • L - Low price - The lowest price of the timeframe
  • C - Close price - The price at the end of the timeframe
  • Vol - Volume - The total units sold times the price.
  • SMA - Simple Moving Average - The average price (blue line).

The number of units sold is represented by the bars at the bottom.


I’m missing a lot of information from my map and APEX is really slow. Why?

The APEX map uses a renderer which leverages Hardware Acceleration. If disabled for your browser, it will either fail to function properly or fall-back on the much slower, more CPU intensive software renderer.

I’m seeing a bunch of Hydration Timeout errors in the UI. What should I do?

Hydration Timeouts happen when the game client doesn’t receive data of the individual game entities in a certain time-frame (the request times out). In general, there are two major causes:

  • APEX servers are slower than usual and not responding in time. This can happen if one of the servers is rebooting for example.
  • A game entity is running into an error and cannot respond to the request

The vast majority of the time, simply refreshing the browser after waiting for a moment fixes the issue. In some scenarios, the servers (or the ISP hosting the servers) could be the cause–in which case, it may be worthwhile to ask in discord if any others are seeing similar issues.

I’m encountering a bug. Where do I report it?

The Bug Reporting Thread on the forums.

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