PRO License

This page lists all the features impacted by owning a PRO license. You can acquire a PRO license from the APEX hub.

Feature TRIAL License PRO License
Local Markets TRIAL users may trade on official commodity exchanges, but cannot close any bulletin-board-style contracts on the local markets. * PRO user companies are assigned trust ratings and can place or accept orders on the local markets. This includes posting and accepting shipping contracts.
Space Flight TRIAL users may not have more than 2 ships in flight simultaneously. PRO users can have an unlimited number of ships in flight simultaneously.
Unload on arrival TRIAL users cannot activate “unload on arrival”. PRO users can have ships automatically unload their cargo on arrival.
Shipbuilding TRIAL users can design their own spaceship blueprints, but cannot use shipyards to build the ships. PRO users can enter their blueprints and the required materials at a shipyard to build their own custom spaceships.
Corporations TRIAL users may join an existing corporation, but not found their own. PRO users can found and oversee their own corporation.
Foreign Exchange TRIAL users cannot trade currencies on the foreign exchange market. PRO users can freely place buy and sell orders to trade all currencies on the foreign exchange market.
Recurring production orders TRIAL users cannot queue recurring production orders in their production lines. PRO users can add any amount of recurring production orders to their production line queues.
Headquarters upgrades TRIAL users cannot upgrade their HQ beyond level 5. PRO users can upgrade their HQ indefinitely.
Governorship TRIAL users cannot run for governor of a planet. PRO users can run for governor.
Planetary Projects TRIAL users cannot contribute to planetary projects. PRO users can contribute to any planetary project.
Global Chamber of Commerce Voting TRIAL users cannot vote on CoGC programs. PRO users can vote on CoGC programs.
Production Queue Management TRIAL users cannot re-order their production queues. PRO users can move production orders around in the queue.
Commodity Exchange Material Info TRIAL users cannot access the CXM command. PRO users can access the CXM command to compare CX information on a material across all exchanges.

* Note that if you ever possessed a paid PRO license (i.e. there is at least one payment associated with your account), it will be converted into a BASIC instead of a TRIAL license when it expires. A BASIC license will allow you to accept local market ads, but not place your own ads.

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