02 - Your first base

Hello. Welcome back to APEX, and thank you for choosing the comprehensive orientation to your first base.

When you load into the APEX interface for the first time, you will be greeted by our onboard UI tutorial that will take you through the basics of the interface, but we will take a brief moment to review the interface now.

Each window you see is referred to as a tile, and you can make a new unattached tile by selecting the NEW BFR button in the bottom left hand corner of the interface.

On your left side you will see the galactic map, it is here that you can see the location of your base, your fleets, CX’s and shipyards. You can also use this map to search for a particular resource in the galaxy, or find a certain population type as well. Next in the center of your interface is the planet your fleet is stationed at. Every new APEX user will not start with a base already setup, but start with a fleet of ships landed on the planet of your choosing.

On our right hand side, we have the fleet tile. This shows you the cargo, the status, fuel capacity, and location of the first two starter ships in your fleet.

Down in the bottom right corner of your interface, you will see the APEX global chat. This is the chat that all members of the APEX community use to communicate, and broadcast to everyone in the galaxy.

Further to the right of that tile is the APEX Help channel. This is a resource we have provided to new APEX users as a method of connecting with other users so that you can ask and offer help when needed.

All other tiles we will address within this set up guide eventually.

As previously stated, currently you have two ships that make up your fleet, and they are currently stationed at whatever planet you chose at the start of your setup.

It’s at this moment that you can choose to setup your base here, or if you want to do some more research and discover your options, you are welcome to as well. Just be careful, as spaceflight requires fuel, and fuel isn’t free.

But if you are satisfied with your start, we will navigate to the planet tile, and in the bottom right hand corner of the tile, you will see a button to START BASE.

Once you click that, you will be given the Base Construction prompt. Every base in the game starts with a core module, which the starter package you were given has enough supplies for.

Once you click the BUILD BASE command on the bottom right hand corner of the Base construction prompt, your first base will be constructed!

You will now see that your base tile that was once blank, has now been filled with an overview of the base you just set up. Please select the View Base command from this tile. We are now going to exercise your skills with manipulating the interface, so I’m going to request that you hover over to the top right hand corner of the base’s tile, hover over the gear, and select the two dots beside your cursor. This won’t delete the tile, but it will delete the information inside the tile.

Next I want you to drag the window of the BASE tile that appeared, and put it in the empty tile you created.

Let’s adjust the UI slightly, so we have more room to see the tiles that pertain to the base. Let’s pull up the MAP and Planet tiles to adjust our screen space.

Next, lets delete the information in the HELP tile by hovering over the gear and clicking the two dots. Don’t worry, you can always go back to it, by opening up a new tile and typing in the command HELP. After we delete the information, lets split the tile vertically by clicking the vertical bar on our interface tools.

With two screens available at our disposal, lets go back to the BASE tile, and click the inventory command. With this, lets place it in one of our open tiles.

Now that we have access to our base’s inventory, lets offload the remainder of our cargo that we have on our ships. To do this, navigate to the FLEET tile. It’s here that you will find two orange bars which indicate your cargo holds on your ships, open each cargo hold and drag and drop the cargo into your inventory.

Next, we will get to constructing the specific components to your first base. But this will be best left to the specific profession-centric guides we have created for you.

This has been the Comprehensive Orientation to your first base, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. Please continue further to the next profession-centric video broadcast that aligns to the profession you have chosen. Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.