06 - Licenses

Hello and thank you for choosing the licenses guide.

In Prosperous Universe, APEX Users have the option between three different types of licenses, FREE, BASIC, and PRO. I’m going to review how each license differentiates from each other.

But before I do, I would like to quote a useful piece of advice from another handy galaxy-wide guide… DON’T PANIC. Many APEX Users when they don their spacesuit and jump into the universe, feel as though they cannot fully enjoy the experience of the interface without buying a subscription to the interface. However, free licensees have the ability to use the APEX interface for almost a year before they might bump up against one of the limitations stated in this guide. This allows all APEX users a taste into the galaxy before making the decision to dive in with a purchase of a PRO license. So if at any point during the guide you feel your heartbeat increase, or sweat starts accumulating on your forehead, APEX recommends taking a moment to breathe and think of your happy place.

To start, the FREE license is free, while the BASIC license requires a APEX user to pay for at least one month of PRO, and the PRO license is a license that requires a monthly subscription. You can find the price of this monthly subscription on the Prosperous Universe website.

One of the major features that PRO licensees have access to is the local market, and private contracts. In these guides we have covered the various markets available to all players, but with a PRO license, you can privately setup buy, sell, or shipping contracts between you and another APEX user, or you can post contracts on the local market. Most, but not all planets will have a local market that acts a bulletin board where APEX Users can post shipping requests, or buy or sell contracts. Licensees that hold basic licenses can accept contracts from these local markets, but cannot post any of their own contract, or create private contracts of their own.

One other feature available to PRO licensees is access to the Foreign Exchange market, or better known as the FX market. This allows APEX users to trade various currencies back and forth amongst themselves.

There are also some Quality of Life upgrades available to Pro licensees such as the ability to mark a shipment to be unloaded on arrival. This is great if you are running low on supplies at your base, but won’t be available to manually unload your ship when it arrives. You can also set a production order to reoccur on it’s own without manually clicking the NEW ORDER button every time you wish to start a new order. And you are given access to a very useful command known as the CXM command. With this command, you can examine a commodity’s price amongst all the markets in the game. Very useful if you wish to know what the going rate for a commodity is.

Finally, there are some limitations that exist for free licensees that PRO licensees are not bound to. Pro licensees can fly an unlimited amount of ships at the same time, while free licensees are bound to only two ships in flight at any given time. Pro licensees can also construct as many bases as they can afford, while free licensees are limited to only 5 bases. Pro licensees can construct ships at shipyards while free licensees can only build blueprints for ships they are keen on constructing. Pro licensees have the ability to become the governor of a whole planet, and run their own corporation, while free licensees cannot become governors and only can join pre-existing corporations in the universe.

If you are still unsure if a PRO license is for you, or if you feel that the free license is too limiting, please reach out to other APEX users and ask questions. We are confident you will find the answers you are looking for.

This has been the Licenses Guide, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. Please continue further to the next video broadcast about understanding the APEX interface further. Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.