09 - Your Second Base

Hello. Welcome back to APEX, and thank you for choosing the APEX Second Base & Populations Guide. This is an intermediate guide will guide you through upgrading to your second base, and understanding the various population types.

When you’ve been in the galaxy for a period of time, you might be considering expansion plans to your next base as this is the logical step all users take to continue their expansion amongst the galaxy. However, every expansion you undertake will require a permit. To purchase a permit, go to your base tile, and click the HQ button. From here, you will see a list of required building materials to purchase your next permit. With a permit, you have the option to do one of two things. Every structure and habitation building you construct takes up area on your base, and you can see this area being used on your base tile. When you hit 500 used area, you can use an additional permit to expand your current base to 750 area. Or you can build another base on another planet that will have an area of 500. Keep in mind that every additional permit purchase will increase the cost of the next permit. Although permits are unlimited, they will only be limited by how much you are willing to afford.

After you have afforded the cost of the permit, your next step will be to afford the cost of the core module. This is the start of every additional base you wish to build. To find out the cost of this core module, navigate to the planet of your choice. Once there, you will see a button in the bottom right hand corner of the planet tile named START BASE. This will open up a tile that will list all the building materials you will require when building your new core module.

One thing to keep in mind is that every planet is different, and some are more hospitable than others. You can see on the planet tile if a planet has ideal gravity, temperature, and pressure for your colonists to settle on. If so, then you will only need Mineral Construction Granulate when building your core module and buildings.

However, if your planet is less than ideal, your colonists will require additional building materials to live on the planet. Starting with Aerostat foundation, this material will be required if you wish to settle on a gas giant. Next is Poly-Sulfite Sealant, and is required if you wish to build on a planet that has extremely low pressure on the planet. If the planet has extremely high pressure, you will require Hardened structural elements. Sometimes temperatures on planets are too cold for your colonists to be comfy in, and will require that you insulate your buildings with Insufoam. And yet again, if the planet is too hot, you will need to shield your colonists from the heat using Thermal Shielding. Now, you won’t want your colonists to fly away on low gravity planets, so you will need to equip your buildings with Magnetic Ground Covers to ensure this doesn’t happen, and finally, if you choose to build on a planet with high gravity, APEX recommends equipping your buildings with Breathable liquid so that your colonists can breathe properly in the high gravity environment.

One thing about colonists, is that over time, your colonists will grow, and learn to become specialized in various fields. We spoke briefly about your basic pioneers, that will be the backbone for your starting industries. These colonists operation extraction machinery, and basic buildings like food processors, farms, and introductory manufacturing plants. When colonists on the planet learn enough, they graduate to settlers. And Settlers are more specialized in nature, and will operate chemical plants, metal studios, glass furnaces, and even 3D printers. Keep in mind, that settlers will have additional consumption habits which you can examine in the workforce tile. You can see the essential commodities they consume if under the Essential column it is labeled with a YES. The next colonist type is the technicians, and you will often need them when building LAB’s, software development facilities, cleanrooms, and other more advanced buildings. Next is the Engineer, and this is the first class of colonist that moves away from requiring rations to consume, and will require flavoured Insta-meals. They will be required when building Advanced Material Labs, software engineering, or spacecraft prefab plants. And finally the most advanced colonist is the scientist which require Quality Meat Meals to consume, and will work in spacecraft propulsion factories, and einsteinium enrichment plants.

If you want to explore the galaxy and find planets that have the population type you require, you can use the Map filter to filter planets by population type and see where the greatest quantity of a population resides. However, just because a population resides on that planet, does not mean you will immediately receive those population types. It’s always good to open up the population report which you can find in the planet tile, and examine what populations are on the planet. If a planet has a population type that has a large unemployment stat, it’s safe to say that that planet has room for you to settle. However, you will only gain those population types based on a equal distribution of that population type. Meaning that if a planet grew by 500 engineers next population report, those 500 engineers would be equally distributed by how many other users require those population types.

Keep in mind as well, that it might be a good idea to contact the governor of a planet and understand what their intentions are behind a population type. All population types require buildings to upkeep them, but that topic will be discussed in the next guide. For now, it’s important to understand if a governor has plans to grow a population type either through administration or education. A governor always has incentive to grow an advanced population as that means more tax revenue for them. But depending on the market, there might be some incentive to keep the growth flat for the time being. Always inquire!

This has been the APEX Second base and population types guide, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. Please continue further to learning either about corporations & contracts, or the planetary governance guide. Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.