04 - Base Upkeep and Flight

Hello and thank you for choosing the orientation to base upkeep and flight

Now that you got production up and running, you will have seen that you have 3 consumables in your inventory. Drinking Water, Rations and Overalls. These three consumables serve as the consumables used to sustain your workforce as they continue to work at your production facilities. You can see how much your workers consume in a day, by looking at the Pioneer Column of the workforce tile. It’s where you will see that your workforce consumes caffeinated infusion, Drinking Water, Basic Rations, Basic Overalls, and Padded Work Overalls. However, only three of these consumables serve as the required consumables for your workforce, while Caffeinated Infusions, and Padded Work Overalls serve as Luxuries for your workforce. These luxuries aren’t needed, but will increase the speed your workers produce goods at, if you provide them with said luxuries.

Keep a watchful eye on your consumables in your inventory, as every day they will deplete. These consumables will be one of the commodities you will pick up at the market when you make your first trip to the market. Speaking of the market, at some point you will want to head to the market to sell your goods. To load your commodities into your ships, you will want to open up their cargo holds by selecting the bar under the cargo column. Then Simply drag your commodities from your base inventory to your ship’s cargo hold. Next, it would be a good idea to check your fuel supplies, especially if your trip requires you to go through Faster than Light Lanes to get to the market. Your Slower than light fuel is used for maneuvering around the interior of a system, and the Faster than light fuel is used for getting around the galaxy by using the Faster Than Light lanes that link the systems together. Part of the starter package you received with your profession included ships loaded full of fuel, but it’s best to get into the habit of ensuring that you have enough fuel if you find yourself stranded far away from any fuel source.

When you’ve loaded your cargo, and checked your fuel supplies, you can select the FLY command. This will open up your ship’s flight controls.

The first step will be to enter in your nearest Commodity Exchange, or CX. If you are unsure of what CX you are closest to, there is a very easy way to find out.

Let’s exit out of your ship flight controls for a minute.

Every planet has a unique Catalog ID assigned to it. The first two letters indicate the sector, while the next three numbers are the planet’s system’s unique identifier, while the letter at the end represents the planet’s identifier within the system.

To give you an example, the planet this base it constructed on is VH-331a, the next step would be to search the galactic map for the sector’s unique letter identifier, once found, find the system in the sector that matches the three numbers after the dash, once you found the system your planet is located, you will see that there are hexagon’s located near some of the systems on the map. The hexagon closest to your system is the closest market to your base. Click on the system to find out the name of the system.

In the galaxy there are four main CX’s that deal with majority of the trade. These CX’s are Benten, Moria, Hortus, and Antares. There are also 2 other CX’s that exist in factionless space: Arclight, and Huber.

Once you have found the CX closest to your base, go back to your ship flight controls, and enter the location of the CX.

You will see a list of the planets your ship will need to jump to, to get to the CX.

Although this is the Company Creation Assistant, it is also my duty to inform you that space-flight, as you learned during Space Flight 101, isn’t done in a straight line. If you open back up the MAP tile, you will see that your base is connected, by FTL lines, or is in the system of the CX. These lines indicate the route your ship will take when you move from system to system.

When you enter in your destination, you may be tempted to write down the fuel usage, both STL and FTL when you plug in your destination, I would recommend against that for now, as the data you would need to crunch is massive. For now, get an approximation, as the planets shift and orbit around each other, so does this distance change, making every trip an approximation, but not an exact science (yet).

You will also see the two fuel sliders on the FLIGHT tile, one for STL, and one for FTL. You do not have to burn all your fuel to get to your destination, and instead rely on time and gravity assists to get you where you need to go. It is recommended to keep your costs low, so try to use as little fuel as possible for the first few weeks. However, the less fuel, means that it will take longer to get to your destination. So best the recommendation is to slide the FTL slider to its lowest point and slide the STL slider to a point you feel comfortable with. Once comfortable with the fuel usage and time, making sure to take one last glance at your cargo hold to ensure your goods are in there, then you will hit the START button.

Now, if any point during your flight you wish to abort your flight, you can do so by clicking the view command of the ship that is in flight. And it is in this tile that you can click the ABORT button. Keep in mind however, that your ship will not stop immediately, and need to finish whatever maneuver it was currently performing.

This has been the orientation to base upkeep and Flight, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. Please continue further to the next video broadcast about the market in Prosperous Universe. Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.