03.1 - Manufacturer Profession

Hello. Welcome back to APEX, and thank you for choosing the comprehensive Manufacturing Profession set up guide.

As mentioned when you picked the manufacturer profession, this profession has two routes to take when starting up your business. I’ll take you through one example of the next steps you can embark on with this setup.

If you found a good hydrogen planet to set up on, you can start working your way to the production of a plastic known as Poly-Ethylene. Or if you decided to go to a planet with limestone, and silicon ore, you can produce Mineral Construction Granulate. For this example today we will be building a base that will produce Poly-Ethylene

To start lets click the construct command in the base tile. From here, you will see you have the infrastructure tab selected, it’s here that you can find a catalogue of habitation units that are available for you to build. Since our starter workforce will largely contain pioneers, lets build two pioneer habitation units. After that lets navigate to the Pioneers tab of the construction tile. It’s here that you can see the Basic Materials Plant. If you notice, it has a workforce requirement. In this case, the BMP will require 100 pioneers. Since you have been given enough construction materials for 2 pioneer habitation units which house 100 pioneers each, you will have exactly enough space for two BMP’s. Let’s build 2 BMP’s.

Next, lets once again adjust the UI by expanding the bottom right two windows vertically a bit. Inside the upper blank tile, we are going to put your production information in there, so please navigate to your bases tile and select production. With the Tile that just appeared, please drag it into the blank tile.

Next, we also want to find out about the resources your workforce will consume to produce your goods, so select the workforce button in the base tile, and drag it to the bottommost blank tile.

You will now see in the production tile that you have the production line for the BMP. Please select the NEW ORDER button above the Basic Materials Plant. You will see that a production order tile appeared. It is here that you can order production on a variety of recipes, so in this case as an example, lets select from the production template the Polyethylene recipe. As you can see, it requires 1 Carbon, and 2 Hydrogen.

In your inventory you have enough carbon and hydrogen for 1000 units of PE. Let’s fire up the plant by selecting the Queue order button.

Now that your two plants are running, it’s best to wait until you get around 500-1000 units of Poly-Ethylene, which you will take to the market to sell. Once you have sold your first batch, its recommended you purchase more Carbon and more Hydrogen for your BMP to continue the loop.

This has been the Comprehensive Manufacturer Profession set up guide, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. Please continue further to the next video broadcast about next steps with your base. Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.