05 - The Market Guide

Hello and thank you for choosing the orientation to the market

As you probably guessed, the market is one of the most important tools at your disposal to make a profit, however if you were to buy goods before your ship makes it to the market, the market does not have a place to store them. So it’s best to wait until your ship is at the market so that your bought goods can be placed in your ship’s cargo hold. However, if you find some deals at the market and wish to purchase them immediately, you can buy a warehouse. Most inhabited planets will have warehouses for you to buy, but any newly settled planet might still need the warehouse built first. But in the case of the CX, you can buy a warehouse by typing in the name of the CX you are flying to by opening a new tile and typing in CX and then the CX’s identifier. In this case, we are going to the Hortus market, and its unique identifier is IC1. You can also pull up a list of all available CX’s by typing in CXL.

In the CX tile, you will see the warehouse button, click that. It is here that you can rent a warehouse for a small weekly fee. Let’s rent a warehouse now. Once rented, you can open up this warehouse’s inventory by selecting the open store button. Now, you can use this warehouse space however you deem fit, and can expand the space of the warehouse by renting out another unit. Just be wary as every expansion increases your weekly fee.

But now, lets dive into the market. In the market you can browse through a variety of commodities that APEX users buy, and sell. You can see behind the scenes of these trades by opening up a commodities order book by selecting the Orders button beside a commodity.

Inside this book, you will see a series of red numbers, these indicate the ASK prices and volumes that players have put for sale, you will also see a series of green numbers, and these indicate the BID prices and volumes that players are willing to buy at. The spread in the middle represents the size of difference between the price values of the lowest ask and highest bid prices.

After that, you can find out more information about a commodities market condition by opening up the INFO tile of a commodity by selecting the Info button beside a commodity. In here, we can see a variety of useful metrics to tell us information about the price of a commodity. We can see the average price this commodity trades at, the most recent high this commodity was bought at, the all-time high of this commodity, the most recent low this commodity was sold at, the all-time low, the current ask and ask volume, the current bid and bid volume, how much of the commodity was traded today and volume of currency that was transacted within this commodity today.

If you want to look at a historical picture of the price action of a commodity you can pull up the commodity’s chart, which will show you a historical candlestick chart of the commodity. To look at this chart, click the chart button next to the commodity. It is here you can see how volume and price work against each other to affect the price, and where you might be able to benefit from its price action.

When your ship arrives at the market, you will most likely do two types of transactions, a buy order for supplies you need for your production facilities, and a sell order to sell the goods you produced. I will now demonstrate an example of both of these.

In this case, lets say that we want to sell some of our Rations we produced, so we are going to click the trade button. Now, we are also going to open up the order book to examine what prices Rations are being sold at. As you can see, the ASK price for Rations is 65.70 and the bid is 62.05. Since we have 10 units we can sell the Rations directly to this person for 62.05. But let’s say we had 3000. If we wanted to sell it immediately we would have to sell 2261 units at 62.05 and rest at 62.04 to. If we wanted to get a better price for the Rations, but didn’t want to sell it immediately, we could undercut the current ask price and sell it at 65.69. However, it might take upwards of a day for These rations to sell

Once you have decided upon your strategy, you will enter the quantity of Rations you wish to sell into the order tile, and the price you wish to sell it at.

This has been the Comprehensive orientation to base upkeep and Trade, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. Please continue further to the next video broadcast about the various licenses in Prosperous Universe. Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.