07 - Interface guide

Hello. Welcome back to APEX, and thank you for choosing the APEX interface guide. This guide will guide you through navigating the APEX interface, and will show you a variety of various commands you can use to navigate the interface quicker, and more efficiently.

As we already briefed through much of the navigational aspects of the interface, this guide will largely focus on advanced techniques to navigate around the interface, and understand the galaxy a bit better.

To start please bring your attention to the left sidebar. This left sidebar is filled with a variety of useful quick-commands to get your screen setup started. Keep in mind, that all these sidebar button also serve as commands you can use in any blank tile as well.

Starting with BS, BS - opens up your base screen, where you can navigate to a particular base’s tile. A great tile to have open at all times affixed to your screen.

CONT - Opens up your open, closed, and fulfilled contracts, very useful when navigating lots of contracts with other players. If you have not yet gained a familiarity with contracts, please continue to our corporations guide, where we review the use of contracts.

COM - Opens up a variety of communication channels. Navigating to the COMC button at the top of the tile will bring up three public communication channels: The APEX Global chat, the Official APEX Help Channel, and the United Faction Operations channel. Please do note that the United Faction Operations channel serves a very limited purpose in providing a method for APEX users to link their discord account to their in-game user.

CORP - Opens up your corporation screen. This might not have anything useful now as you are starting out. But if you get an invitation to a corporation or start your own, this screen will show you who are the shareholders of the corporation you belong to.

CXL - Short for Commodity exchange list. This shows you all the commodity exchanges in the galaxy.

FIN - Opens up a financial overview of your company. How many fixed assets you own, current assets you have, and liquidity.

FLT - Opens up your fleet window. A must-have for any new APEX user. Shows where your ships are, how much fuel they have, and what is their current cargo capacity.

INV - Opens up every cargo hold you own. Everything from warehouses, bases, to your own ships.

MAP - Opens up the galactic map.

PROD - Opens up every production facility you have. With only one base, you will see only the production that this current base is doing.

CMDS - Opens up a list of all the commands for the APEX interface. Very helpful if you are unsure of the command you are looking for.

To keep navigation in the APEX interface easy to understand, many tiles will have complementary navigation buttons at the top of the tiles to navigate to similarly categorized tiles. A tile opened up to a certain CX will have subsequent navigation buttons to the other CX’s in the galaxy, or your own bid and ask orders.

If these buttons do not offer you enough navigation, you can use commands to go directly to the information tile of your choosing. To start using commands, open up a new detached tile.

From here, you can enter a command into the command line, and be directed straight to the information tile. Some commands however, will need additional information inputted in them for the command to work. A very useful command to know is the MS command short for Map System. This command takes you to a system-wide overview of a particular system. But you will need to know the system identifier before you use this command. An example of this would be MS UV-351. This will take you to the system overview of where the Benten CX is located.

If the APEX interface requires you to enter in additional information into the command you used, it will say illegal command. A good way of studying which commands need additional information is to go to the CMDS tile, and reading about the command you wish to use, or visiting the APEX handbook online for further reference.

A similarly useful command is the PLI command. This will take you to the planet overview screen of your choosing. This command will take the unique identifier of the planet, but it will also accept the name of the planet. Please be careful as spelling counts when typing in this command.

If you ever wanted to know about a certain commodity on the exchange, you can use the MAT + the commodity you are examining to understand a bit more about a commodity and it’s uses. At APEX we realize that you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and so we have offered all users the use of the COLIQ command. This command resets your company back to square-one. Keep in mind that abuse of this command is against APEX Terms of Service and may lead to a user’s account being disabled if found to be in violation. The COLIQ command also has a cool down period. With your first COLIQ becoming immediately available after your company’s creation, the second COLIQ will come with a cool-down of 3 days, your third will cool-down after 21 days, and every COLIQ after will cool-down after 60 days.

If you wish to create multiple layouts of the APEX interface, you can do so by using the ADD button at the top of the interface. With this, you can create new screen templates which will provide you new ways of navigating the interface. These are handy if you wish to save templates that you can quickly access on your next session.

This has been the APEX interface guide, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. The module further indicates that this video denotes the end of the beginner’s setup guide to prosperous universe. If you have further questions about something within the interface, or galaxy, it is encouraged to be curious, ask questions, and explore for yourself the Apex interface, and the galaxy. Continuing on to the next video series will introduce you to intermediate concepts about the galaxy, and it is assumed that you have experienced the game for a week or two before diving into the next section.

Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.