03.3 - Victualler Profession

Hello. Welcome back to APEX, and thank you for choosing the comprehensive Victualler Profession setup guide.

As mentioned when you picked the Victualler profession, Victuallers are the beating heart of the galaxy, providing rations and drinking water to the hungry and thirsty colonists of the galaxy.

To start lets click the construct command in the base tile. From here, you will see you have the infrastructure tab selected, it’s here that you can find a catalog of habitation units that are available for you to build. Since our starter workforce will largely contain pioneers, lets build two pioneer habitation units. After that, lets navigate to the Resources tab of the construction tile. It’s here that you can see the Rig. If you notice, the Rig has a workforce requirement. In this case, the Rig will require 30 pioneers. Since you have been given enough construction materials for 2 pioneer habitation units you have room on your base for 200 pioneers. Let’s build the Rig.

Next, lets navigate to the pioneers tab. It’s here that you find the farmstead and the food processor, lets build one of each.

Let’s once again adjust the UI by expanding the bottom right two windows vertically a bit. Inside the upper blank tile, we are going to put your production information in there, so please navigate to your bases tile and select production. With the Tile that just appeared, please drag it into the blank tile.

Next, we also want to find out about the resources your workforce will consume to produce your goods, so select the workforce button in the base tile, and drag it to the bottommost blank tile.

You will now see in the production tile that you have three production lines. Please select the NEW ORDER button above the Rig. You will see that a production order tile appeared. It is here that you can order production on a variety of recipes, but in the case of the Rig, there will only be a couple of recipes available for it, depending on the planet you selected to start your base at. Your profession requires water to process into drinking water, and water for your crops, so we will select the H2O recipe. Next, you are going to see your order size slider. This increases the order size you wish to produce, but keep in mind it does not provide any other efficiency bonus apart from increasing the order size. So it is recommended to keep it at its lowest setting. Once you are satisfied with your order, click the queue order button. Your Rig is now extracting water from the planet!

Next, in your inventory you see that you also have 32 units of Water, 6 High-Carb Grain, 6 Protein-rich Beans, and 6 Triglyceride Fruit. Let’s fire up the Food Processer. It’s here that you will have a choice, both equal in value. With the water you currently have, you can produce additional drinking water, or you can take your agricultural products, and produce basic rations it might be a good idea to see what’s demanded on the market more, and use that as a guide to your decision. Once you have made your decision, click the Queue Order button.

Finally, lets fire up your Farm. You will see a wide selection of recipes available to you. It is recommended that you pick three recipes that will yield the recipe components for basic rations. There are pros and cons to each recipe, so it is recommended you take a moment to briefly examine the recipes before making your decision. As an example we will choose 1 High-Carb Grain recipe, 1 Protein-rich bean recipe, and 1 triglyceride fruit recipe. Keep in mind that you can order multiple orders by clicking the Queue Order button again. It’s important to keep on top of your orders to ensure your factories are constantly producing.

Now that your farm, rig, and food processor are running, it’s best to wait until you get a sizable amount of rations, or drinking water. When you feel like you have enough, you will take it to the market to sell. Once you have sold your first batch of goods, it is recommended that you purchase more H2O, as your H2O burn rate will be higher than what your RIG can produce.

This has been the Comprehensive Victualler Profession set up guide, and has been indicated as complete by the APEX module, so this video broadcast will now be concluded. Please continue further to the next video broadcast about next steps with your base. Thank you for choosing the Advanced System for the Facilitation of Production and Exchange for the Exodus of Mankind.