Community Resources

This is a list of all resources created by the community. Please let us know if some resource is missing or outdated.

Discord servers

Type Name Description
Official Prosperous Universe Official Discord instance of Prosperous Universe
Community Unified Faction Operations Community Discord for discussing politics, finding trade partners, etc
Community Russian-Speaking PrUn Discord Russian-Speaking PrUn Discord
Tools PrUn Community Tools Discord for everything related to FIO and other 3rd party tools for the game


Name Link
Rain’s Master Base Planner
Rain’s System Overview and Planet Finder
Rain’s Master Base Planner (with FIO Integration)
P/D/C Calculator Template
FIO Data Import Spreadsheet
Governorship Accounting Template
Governance Expenses Template


Type Name Link Description
Documentation Handbook The official Prosperous Universe Handbook
News Prosperous Turnip The best, totally real, super not fake, news from the Prosperous Universe!
News PrUniverse Report
News Rain’s Blog
News BentenDumpster
Map/Search Universe Map Tool
Map/Search Prosperity
Map/Search FIO PlanetSearch
Extension PMMG Beautifier
Extension FIO Extension
General Utility FIO
Data FIO REST Documentation
Data FIOSharp