Community Resources

This is a list of all resources created by the community. Please let us know if some resource is missing or outdated.

Discord servers

Type Name Description
Official Prosperous Universe Official Discord instance of Prosperous Universe
Community Unified Faction Operations Community Discord for discussing politics, finding trade partners, etc
Community Russian-Speaking PrUn Discord Russian-Speaking PrUn Discord
Tools PrUn Community Tools Discord for everything related to FIO and other 3rd party tools for the game.
APEX Chat APEX Chat Server A read-only discord chat with all in-game planet chats.


Type Name Link Description
News Prosperous Turnip The best, totally real, super not fake, news from the Prosperous Universe!
News PrUniverse Report A source of serious political, economic and miscellaneous news from across the cluster.
News Rain’s Blog rain9441’s blog about everything PrUn.


Name Link
Rain’s Master Base Planner
Rain’s System Overview and Planet Finder
Rain’s Master Base Planner (with FIO Integration)
Master Storage and Consumables x FIO
PRUN Utilities
FIO Data Import Spreadsheet
Governorship Accounting Template
Governance Expenses Template
Population Calculator (by PiBoy314)


Type Name Author Link Description
Library/Utility ApexUtils binarygod JavaScript class to assist in integrating custom code to APEX console.
Extension/Utility FIO Kovus, Saganaki, Many Others Search planets, find shipping ads, see your consumable burn, and much much more.
Extension/Utility FIO Tooltips binarygod Show exchange data on inventory items on mouse-over.
Extension/Utility PCT Wiki PCT Discord PrUn Community Tools wiki of detailed game mechanics.
Utility Plex Tools Plexucra Tools for the daily work of a galactic CEO with a starmap, profit analyzer, and much more.
Utility Prosper b3dtime A tool to visualize production chains as well as show the values of your inventory.
Map/Search Prosperity Ined Search a 2D map, find resource locations, and plot jump routes.
Base Management PRUNner Jacudibu Standalone base planning app to establish your empire without using spreadsheets!
APEX Modification PrUnTools binarygod Collection of TamperMonkey APEX console mods.
Extension PMMG Beautifier Yarek Improve and tweak the interface elements of Prosperous Universe.
Extension PMMG Extended PiBoy314 Improve and tweak the interface elements of Prosperous Universe (and more!)
Extension/Utility Screens Inline Rynx Add individual screens inline as well as add preferred exchange links for material buffers.
Utility Universal Logistics wyago An exploratory tool for visualizing material supply chains and optimizing building profits.
Map Universe Map Tool McCowen Pan and Zoom this map of systems, FTL flight paths, system and planet names and faction space.
Search yapt aeryen Search planets, info about a company & general base count.